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What are The Benefits Of A Card-Lock?

while there are many benefits to having Card-Lock access here are just a few.

  • There are never any waiting lines to get fuel
  • Easier book keeping for your businesses fuel expenditures
  • You or your drivers do not have to carry cash or credit cards
  • Detailed Reporting of when your drivers got fuel
  • Fueling Services Available 24/7
What Are Cardlocks?

A cardlock location is designed for commercial or small business fleet usage. Often times they are unattended, and are automated by using your company fuel card. Our cardlocks are designed to be easily accessed by large commercial vehicles and trucks.

Can I have More Than 1 Card?

Yes, you may have as many fuel cards as you need so that all of your employees and drivers can utilize our cardlock.

Is It Cheaper To Use A Cardlock?

Cardlock prices are not cheaper all of the time.  Our prices can change daily just as rack fuel prices change, whereas retail stations set their fuel prices based on each new load of fuel. The biggest savings with a cardlock is time and, in some cases, money depending on oil and  fuel prices.

How Soon Can I Get My Cards?

After we have your application completed and processed, we typically issue your fuel cards within 5-7 business days.

What Are The Requirements For Cardlock Access?

To Obtain A Fuel Card For Diesel:

Anyone can pump their own diesel.  If you want state tax exempt fuel (or PUC fuel) you need to sign an exemption form and provide “PUC” or “E Plates” where applicable.

Gas Requirements:

You must either provide a valid Federal ID#, current business license, or a copy of your schedule Cor F to have access to gasoline on your cards. If filing a schedule C or F, we must have an updated form every year for your file. You must also agree to use 900 gallons of fuel a year.  It can be a combination of Gas and Diesel, and can be from multiple sites, but must provide proof of purchase if asked.

You have to sign fire safety agreement.

These requirements are pursuant to Oregon State Law.

Miller Oil Card-Lock In Paisley Oregon

Cardlock Fueling Benefits

Having access to Cardlock Fueling allows you to manage fuel consumption and be in control of your drivers fuel buying practices.

If you’re looking for a solution that offers convenience and competitive pricing, give us a call and learn how our cardlock solution with help you and your business.

We have two cardlock locations, One located in Prineville, OR and in Paisley, Or.  We also provide access to the Pacific Pride network with over 1000 cardlock locations.

You can set profiles for your vehicles or drivers to manage fuel consumption which has helped several businesses cut cost and operate more efficiently.

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