Central Oregon Fleet Fueling

On-Site Fleet Fueling

How It Works

Miller Oil will visit your job-site or equipment yard after business hours and re-fuel all of your equipment or vehicles.

On-Site Fleet Fueling helps maximize your companies efficiency, while also reducing labor costs associated with fueling. Fleet Fueling can also completely eliminate fuel theft, unauthorized fuel, or non fuel purchases.

Ultimately, this can add to your bottom line by saving you money and reducing mistakes by employees.

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Card-Lock Fleet Fueling

Manage Your Vehicle or Truck Fleet

We can profile your individual vehicles so that you can track usage per vehicle, department, or your entire fleet.

This helps you manage expenses and identify opportunities or problems almost instantly.

There are a number of metrics we can track or manage on your fleet fueling cards such as time and date restrictions and gallons per day limits.  You can also track valuable account information to better manage your business fuel usage.

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